Privacy Policy

The digital Era has tremendously changed the mechanism of functioning and operations. While everyone is aware of the benefits attached to such convenient working, users, at the same time, are apprehensive while disclosing their personal information on the Internet. Jussforms truly believes in building strong and long lasting relationships with its users. Jussforms values the risk perception of its clients qua privacy issues. Through this Privacy Policy, we hereby apprise the users of this website, about the mode and manner in which the information submitted by the users of this website shall be dealt with.

By using the website of jussforms or any other service(s) provided by Jussforms, it shall be deemed that you understand, acknowledge and agree to the contents of this Privacy Policy. Further, by using the website of Jussforms or any other service(s) provided by Jussforms, it shall be deemed that you consent to such accumulation and storage of information by Jussforms.

Disclaimer with respect to use of information
At the very outset, Jussforms expressly disclaims the use of any information submitted by the users- either the person(s)/entities creating forms or the person(s)/entities submitting the information. It is specifically stated that Jussforms provides a platform enabling the account holders to create forms and acquire information. However, jussforms does not use any information gathered from clients.

What kind of information shall be accumulated?
The person(s)/entities intending to use the services of Jussforms shall need to create an account by registering themselves with Jussforms. In the event of registration, Jussforms shall have access to your information like username, Email ID, etc in order to enable you to use the services provided by Jussforms.

The registered account holders are enabled to create forms as per their need or work- based requirements. Creation of such forms shall entail collection, accumulation as well as storage of information of their clients by such form creators. Such registered account holders, when collecting any information from anyone, shall be deemed to have prior consent and authorization of the persons from whom any information is being collected.

Jussforms shall not sell or share the information so collected or accumulated from the clients.

Under what circumstances can the information collected by Jussforms be used?
In order to maintain transparency in our working mechanism, we hereby adopted a policy to juxtapose the privacy concerns with respect to transparency issues.

As per our policy, the information so collected, shall not be used for any other purpose except to deliver our services, to cater to legal compliance from our end or for any other legitimate cause/reason. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Meet the obligations of any law applicable to us
  • Comply with or enforce any government request
  • Enforce any terms and conditions of use as stated on our website
  • Detection as well as prevention of any fraud, addressing any type of security issue or technical issue
  • Protection of any kind of harm to the website including but not limited to the rights of Jussforms
  • Addressing any kind of dispute which cannot be resolved at the preliminary stage and makes it imperative to reveal certain particulars or information
  • Any other unforeseen circumstance that makes it imperative to disclose and share information so accumulated
  • Maintenance and updation of our records

The information accumulated by jussforms shall also be shared by us with such entities as shall be imperative in order to deliver our services to the interested parties i.e. in order to enable the smooth functioning of the website of Jussforms as well as any other services provided by Jussforms. The parties/persons supplying or submitting information give consent by way of implication with respect to the sharing of such information with such entities as shall be necessary for delivering services. It is specifically stated having at the hindsight multi-level platforms of data sharing, Jussforms shall not be responsible for misuse of any information on the part of any other entity which forms an integral part of our service-related chain. It is further stated that Jussforms does not take any responsibility with regard to violation of confidentiality on the part of any other entity with whom it is imperative to share information in the cotext of our obligations for delivering services.

Where will the information be stored?
As per our data storage policy, the information presented/offered by a person shall be stored on safe and secure web servers in order to guard the data of the users of this website from any kind of security threats. The said web-servers are well-equipped with strong and stringent safety as well as security features which continuously protect the information so provided. Even though reasonable care is taken to safeguard the data and information supplied by the users of this website, Jussforms shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever at any point of time for any misuse or abuse of the information provided by the users of this website.

We can only adopt and implement stringent steps to protect and safeguard information but the inbuilt systemic perils qua safety including any unauthorised access or wrongful interception of any information in any manner whatsoever shall be treated as a ‘digital accident’ beyond the reach and control of Jussforms. It is also specifically stated that Jussforms shall not be responsible for the safety and security of data and information in transit.

Note: Jussforms reserves its right to store and retain information of its users/visitors/clients, post delivery of service for the purpose of maintaining and updating records of Jussforms.

Cookies are small data files that are sent to a user of the website and saved on the hard drive of the computer of the user. Jussforms uses cookies in order to enhance its ability to improve its services that are offered to its users.

It is brought to notice of the users that third party cookies may also be placed on the website of Jussforms. However, it is specifically stated that Jussforms shall not be responsible for the practices of the said third parties and the users are advised and directed to refer to the privacy policy of such third parties in case of any clarifications.

Third Party access, services or use
Jussforms reserves its right to use third-party services (for instance-payment gateways, promotions on the website of Jussforms and so on). Jussforms shall not be responsible for the interaction of the users with such third parties. It is specifically stated that once the users or visitors are redirected to any other link or website or leave the website of Jussforms, the users shall cease to be governed by the Privacy Policy of Jussforms and shall be governed by the policies of such third parties.

It is also brought to the notice of the users/visitors of this website that the third parties may be situated in a jurisdiction different from yours ours. In such a case, the information of the users may be subject to laws and jurisdiction as may be applicable to such third parties.

Changes/ alteration to the Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy may be subject to alteration or changes as found necessary or at the discretion of Jussforms, at any point of time. No explicit notice shall be given to the users of the website with respect to any changes in the Privacy Policy. The users of this website are therefore advised to peruse the contents of the Privacy Policy from time to time.

It is pertinent to note that unless stated otherwise, our present privacy policy shall be applicable to all the information we possess about the users of this website.

Note: Jussforms always strives to provide a smooth and hassle free experience to its users. In case of any changes, alteration or in case you want to amend or delete any personal information, you may please contact us at

In case of any queries or questions with respect to the Privacy Policy of Jussforms, you may reach our Grievance Redressal Officer at

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is JussForms platform free?
  • JussForms is an online SAAS based online form builder with a nominal fees per user per month. It offers unlimited storage and customizations at fingertips.

  • How many forms can I create?
  • JussForms lets you create unlimited forms with no time bound theory. You can create as many as you want in a day, week or a month. There is a monthly nominal fees per user.

  • How to create a simple form?
  • JussForms comes with simple to use drag and drop feature to create unlimited forms. Even if you have no available resource to build forms online, our team of writers and designers are here to assist you create it at a nominal fee.

  • What all features can I add in my form?
  • You can add unlimited features to your from. Images, videos, bar graphs, polls, pie chart, logos, file upload, e-signatures and more.

  • Can a customer add signatures easily?
  • Yes, we have created an e-signature box that you can use wherever necessary. It assists your customers to sign directly in the form and save.

  • Is it secure to use online form builder over paper forms?
  • Yes, it is absolutely secure to use this platform.

  • What are the main features of JussForm?

    • Mobile friendly
    • E-Signature supports
    • Export Client information into excel or CSV format
    • Improved access
    • Increased workflow efficiency
    • Form can be downloaded or printed in a .pdf format.
    • Support Multiple pages
  • How can I be sure that forms are filled properly or not?
  • Our star feature of live tracking is attached directly with your emails to share live status of the form. It tracks pending and completion status.

  • What payment gateways do you use?
  • At JussForms, we use RAZOR PAY and STRIPE to pay for our fees. We are always up with monthly packages to save your cost. Keep yourself updated by visiting out website frequently.

  • How will i deactivate my subscription ?
  • Go to your profile and then tap on ‘Subscription’, then click on the ‘deactivate account’ button provided on the page. After clicking on the button, your subscription will deactivate in some time and you will get notified through an email from our support team.

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