Tools & Features

Jussforms offers you the means to fashion captivating forms using trendy templates & assorted fields.
Create versatile forms to collect integral information, organize your data & automate your workflow.
Easily save your data in a secure Cloud Storage Database that you can access anytime from

Build Forms Easily

Jussforms enables you to compose highly efficacious forms with ease. Choose from the varied templates & fields to create your ideal form.

  • Simple & Fast Way of Creating Forms
  • Manage Detailed & Multi-page Forms
  • Choose from Manifold Templates & Fields
  • Enable/ Disable Forms Anytime

Stylize your forms

Design your customized forms without any hassle using the advanced features offered by Jussforms. Create forms varying from minimalistic to aesthetic.

  • Create Interactive Forms
  • Customize Forms with Your Logo
  • Edit & Add Form Desirable Fields
  • Choose from Distinct Layouts

Share Forms Easily

Disseminate your forms to reach a considerably wider audience to gather as much data as necessary. You can share your forms on different platforms of your choice.

  • Design Forms that Work on Any Website
  • Prepopulate Forms with URL
  • Submit Forms Anywhere, Even Offline
  • Share Links on Varied Platforms

Submissions & Analytics

Gain insight regarding your clientele by using Jussforms' integrated tools & features to accumulate & analyze intricate information.

  • Analyze Automated Status Graphs
  • Get Reports of Your Submitted Data
  • Export Data to Google Sheets, as CSV & PDF
  • Access Data from Incomplete Submissions

Instant Notifications

Track your form's status and get notified instantly upon activity via Emails. Stay updated and keep a record of all your forms.

  • Stay Informed & Updated about Your Forms
  • Receive Alerts Via Email
  • Track the Progress of Your Forms
  • Follow Actions Taken on Your Forms


Jussforms prioritizes & ensures your privacy with our high-end security system developed to maximize data protection on every level.

  • Complete Spam Protection
  • High-Guard Security & Privacy
  • Online Customer Support Team
  • Safe & Secure Framework

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is JussForms platform free?
  • JussForms is an online SAAS based online form builder with a nominal fees per user per month. It offers unlimited storage and customizations at fingertips.

  • How many forms can I create?
  • JussForms lets you create unlimited forms with no time bound theory. You can create as many as you want in a day, week or a month. There is a monthly nominal fees per user.

  • How to create a simple form?
  • JussForms comes with simple to use drag and drop feature to create unlimited forms. Even if you have no available resource to build forms online, our team of writers and designers are here to assist you create it at a nominal fee.

  • What all features can I add in my form?
  • You can add unlimited features to your from. Images, videos, bar graphs, polls, pie chart, logos, file upload, e-signatures and more.

  • Can a customer add signatures easily?
  • Yes, we have created an e-signature box that you can use wherever necessary. It assists your customers to sign directly in the form and save.

  • Is it secure to use online form builder over paper forms?
  • Yes, it is absolutely secure to use this platform.

  • What are the main features of JussForm?

    • Mobile friendly
    • E-Signature supports
    • Export Client information into excel or CSV format
    • Improved access
    • Increased workflow efficiency
    • Form can be downloaded or printed in a .pdf format.
    • Support Multiple pages
  • How can I be sure that forms are filled properly or not?
  • Our star feature of live tracking is attached directly with your emails to share live status of the form. It tracks pending and completion status.

  • What payment gateways do you use?
  • At JussForms, we use RAZOR PAY and STRIPE to pay for our fees. We are always up with monthly packages to save your cost. Keep yourself updated by visiting out website frequently.

  • How will i deactivate my subscription ?
  • Go to your profile and then tap on ‘Subscription’, then click on the ‘deactivate account’ button provided on the page. After clicking on the button, your subscription will deactivate in some time and you will get notified through an email from our support team.

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